Golden Lilly - Sparkling Wine


In the heart of Europe, in the southwest part of Slovakia, next to the borders with Austria's greatest wine region called the “Weinviertel”, lies the pearl on the Danube river - Bratislava. Nineteen kings an queens were crowned here in St. Martin´s Cathedral, the dome with the golden crown.

The vineyards in Weinviertel were carefully grown for these Austrio- Hungarian kings to guarantee them the best quality of grapes. When grapes reached a perfect ripening and quality they were harvested by hand, and vinified following the ancient traditions with greatest oenological techniques worthy the king. Gold and wine belong to the most estimated cultural assets of kings. Kings and emperors drank golden wines an ate golden meals to live longer.

Enjoy these golden sparkling pearls
with all your senses.

Gold can be eaten and drunk!


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