Field hospitals
Absolute adaptation to the requirements of customer needs is necessary condition of system deployment in any raised conditions. Functional composition is projected as a complete set of containers as well as solo work place composed of one or two containers.

Mobile container hospital is composed of:

- basic medical work places

For example: patient reception, operation room, X-ray, intensive care unit, bed part, laboratory, pharmacy, dentists ambulance, resting room for personnel, etc.
-  additional service work places

For example: energetic block, water treatment, hygienic block and social guard, kitchen, laundry, service workshop, etc.


Field hospital is composed of:

- mobile medical container workplaces built in containers ISO 1C (6028x2534x2534 mm),
- tents with aluminium structure which are used for linking mobile medical container work places and they are used also as bed part and patients hygiene filter.

Field hospital is possible to design in any required modification and profilation - surgical, neurological, epidemiological etc.


Detailed presentation of Field hospitals