Our company is engaged also in distribution and sale of Hewlett Packard Calculators. The HP is leading producers in the spehere of calculators and has a wide oprtpholio of products.


Students of universities of economics, financial advisors, bankars or economists will find all they need from Financial calculators. Easily and fastly will calculate payments, loans, taxes, amortization etc.


HP company did not forget also scientists, students and anybody who works with goniometric functions. For them we offer special Scientific calculators. These calculators will take you through nearly any mathematic or scientific task in a second (fractions, quadratic equations, trigonometric functions, linear equations, logarithmic functions, physical constants etc.).


Next category are Graphic calculators, which offer large graphical display with 2D or 3D graphics, Infra red port or even the opportunity to link calculator with PC or other calculator. You can work with physical constants and figures, structured programing for application creation and much more even if you are proffesor or pupil on ny level of education.


Complete offer you can find here...