Simulators and virtual reality technology
Our unique simulators has incomparable capability in simulating absolute reality. It is reached by prefect know how, highly qualified experts and capabilities are further strengthened through the close cooperation with the producers of real technologies & thus is able to provide a range of products to meet any requirement from a single component through to a large and complex system.

Range of products revolve around:
- Military and civil simulators
- Rotary and fixed wing aircraft
- Military ground applications
- Small arms trainers
- Air traffic and maritime applications
- Visualisations
- H/W and S/S wccomponents
- Artillery applications
- Complex training solutions
- Computer based training
- War Games Simulations
- Software production

Simulators produced and supplied:
- Basic Flight Simulator for MiG-21
- Full-Mission Simulator for MiG-29
- Full Mission Simulator SU-22
- Advanced Flight Simulator SU-25
- Advanced Flight Simulator L-39
- Air Defence Simulator of S10/S2M/Igla (ADS-S99)
- Complex Ground Simulator CGS-T99
- Desktop Trainer of Ground Vehicle (DTT-X99)
- VRM Computer Based Training for MiG-29

Presentation of Simulators