Adsorbent SORBEUM®


SORBEUM® is a highly efficient adsorbent with a hydrophobic surface. It is of grey, almost black color, produced as flakes, extrudates, or of different size pillows, depending on the purpose of use. It has high thermal and sound isolating ability, with a high degree of heat resistance and extraordinary low volume mass. It is manufactured from graphite by physical-chemical treatment and is of the same constitution as the base material that is graphite. From the chemical point of view it is nearly pure carbon.


Range of use:

SORBEUM® - with hydrophobic surface is capable to adsorb crude oil and petrochemical substances that do not dissolve in water and are spilled on water surface, or on the ground.

SORBEUM® efficiently adsorbs also toxic and chemical substances, mainly acids and alcohol directly. It also adsorbs heavy metals from water, harmful gases, oils as well as pollen from the air. It is mainly used for prevention and elimination of ecological disasters, in water filters, gas and air filters, to reduce radioactivity and in civil engineering as an isolation and in concrete. For its properties such as low volume mass and high heat resistance (short-term 1.200 OC, long-term 800 OC), it is suitable for thermal and sound isolation and as fire prevention measure. Another possible usage may be manufacturing of heat resistant sealants, fire proof products and insulations and in electrochemistry.

SORBEUM® does not sublime until 3.000 OC.
SORBEUM® may be used in the soil, where it acts as a stabilizer of humidity, lightens the soil and reduces evaporation, thus reduces water use.
SORBEUM® has antibacterial properties and absorbs biological matter and wounds.
SORBEUM® has recovery property that means most of the adsorbed substances can be recuperated by pressure, extraction or centrifugal force for further usage.
SORBEUM® is chemically pure carbon; it is not health hazard, biologically and chemically neutral.

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